LV SAG ᴓ 1,7 mm

LV SAG EXTRACORONAL SPHERICAL ATTACHMENT system with 2 dimensions males : ᴓ1,70 mm-ᴓ 2,25mm

lei18.00 lei15.00

LV SAG sagittal spherical male and segmented females 3 degrees of retention.
Burn-out plastic and direct casting NP males -polyacetal snapping females.
System with 2 dimensions : MINI ᴓ 1,70 mm – STANDARD ᴓ 2,25 mm
Cr-Co housing. can be cemented, fixed in acrylic or cast
Ceramic can be fired on it
REF: SG.335.9.AZ , LV SAG 1,7 mm female yellow 1 box with 25 pcs 68 euro.
REF: SG.315.1.Z ,LV SAG 1,7 mm male plastic 1 box with 25 pcs 75 euro.
REF: SG.305.19,LV SAG MINI KIT ,2 males 1,7 mm plastic,2 yellow females, 2 duplicating accessories 1 box 20 euro
12 ron/buc pentru o comanda mai mare de 25 buc.

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